I make art because, more than any other activity, it satisfies my desire for surprise, generosity of spirit, and simple joy for what is.

A fundamental component in all of my work is an interest in serendipitous connections between people, places, and things, in how even a seemingly insignificant choice alters the course of a life, or the making of a piece of art. My intent is to evoke visually a sense of the deeper, elemental side of our shared humanity.

My favorite material is encaustic paint. I am drawn to the medium for the way it encourages experimentation and playfulness, for its capacity to be layered and sculpted, and for the sensual nature of the aromatic beeswax which permeates my studio. My favorite technique is to carve and scrape back into the layered wax. This reduction process creates a complexity of color, shape, and inter-connectivity impossible to achieve with a paintbrush alone.

I enjoy the depth and range that painting in series provides. Current work portrays concepts of exploration and adventure, change and transition.   Many of my paintings contain repeating patterns of fences, windows, doors, ladders or tunnels, entrances and exits, in which figurative images, human or otherwise, are poised on a threshold, framed in a moment, when they must choose to retreat, remain,…or step forward.