Architextural Abstractions

This new series is a case of what’s old is new again.  I began my painting path with the watercolor medium over twenty years ago; these encaustic paintings include passages that re-visit my passion for the look of a lovely watercolor wash, only this time the wash is created with a torch and beeswax.  The work also connects to my personal history, as my father was a designer of custom homes.  Yes, I know I spelled architectural incorrectly.  I created the word “architextural” to highlight the carved, 3-d aspect of the work that I continue to enjoy with the encaustic medium.

Both because of the need to reduce the large scale paintings to a screen size image, and also due to the nature of textural encaustic’s resistance to being  represented digitally, these multi-panel encaustic paintings are difficult to portray effectively in an online gallery.

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