Man Alone Series

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Man Alone: Footsteps, Encaustic, 10 x 10Man Alone: Reflections, (Triptych), EncausticMan Alone:  Effervescence, Encaustic, 24 x 12Man Alone: Patterns (Triptych), Encaustic, 12 x 4Man Alone: Fortune (Triptych), EncausticMan Alone: Journey, Encaustic, 18 x 18Man Alone: Containment, Encaustic, 36 x 12Man Alone: Internal, Encaustic, 36 x 12This Way and That, EncausticMan Alone: Enterprise, Encaustic, 10 x 10Partners: Glass Walls, EncausticMan Alone:  Hot Air, Encaustic